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About Us

FEMAG has been founded in 1975. The actually managers of Company are Fabrizio Merlo and Walter Caterina. Today FEMAG has a working surface of 1.500 mq. Thanks to our experience and continuous innovation, Femag is now one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of cut wound magnetic cores.

Continue innovation

Our company manufacture and supply Grain Oriented Silicon Iron wound toroidal cores, “C” and “E” cores in thickness from 0,05 mm to 0,30 mm and in size to customer’s specification.

Cutting line for magnetic streeps

Starting from the 10/1/1989 is operating in our Factory a new slitting-line for steel magnetic coils.
The improving quantity of magnetic steel necessary for our production, bring us to introduce a slitting-line to satisfy in a short time the Customers’ magnetic cores enquiries.
However, the high capacity production of this slitting-line, satisfy the domestic necessity in a few days, so that we have large possibility to receive raw-materials to slitt for our customers.

We are now in the position to give a good service for the following raw materials: Grain oriented silicon steel, not oriented silicon steel.
Technical data:Thickness in slitting 0,05-1 mm. speed 150 mt/1′, width 600 mm. max, recoiler and decoiler capacity Kg. 4500/each, range in slitting from 10-600 mm.
By means this new slitter, we are now in the position to supply a full service in the steel magnetic materials field.


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